It doesn’t matter if you plan to travel to a certain place, or you want to relocate, there are things that you need to do before you go. For instance, exploring all the breathtaking tourist destinations in the Middle East is only one of them. And we do believe it is one of the important ones. Especially if you travel there and your amount of time is limited. It is always better to prepare before you go. This is only one of the ways how you can immortalize the experience. It is the same for people relocating to the Middle East. You will want to explore everything, and you will have more time. However, you should still be prepared, and you should know what to visit first.

One of the first tourist destinations in the Middle East you should visit is Al Balad in Jeddah

You are probably aware of the fact that there are plenty of cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that have a historic quarter. And they call it Al Balad. Those are places that are marked by the scent of exotic spices, followed by the beautiful cries of the call to prayer. In Jeddah, there is a very specific Balad you must visit. It is a cosmopolitan port city, and it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. All the crumbling, vast mansions have been restored, together with the grand 106-room Nasseef House. Today, this is a museum and cultural center that hosts exhibitions for art and photography, but you can also find lectures if you are interested.

In Jeddah’s Balad, you will also be able to find galleries and wood crafting workshops that visitors love exploring. For tourists that are more into drinking coffee and enjoying the views, there are many cool cafes that are breathing new life into once-derelict buildings. Remember that all those places were built in the seventh century originally. Now, they just have a more modern look after the renovations. Nevertheless, they will still allow you to travel back in time. For those who wish to relocate here, you can easily simplify the shipping process. Because there is a port in Jeddah, shipping to KSA has become a lot easier. So you won’t have to worry too much about the relocation part.

A road in Jeddah, one of the breathtaking tourist destinations in the Middle East.

Both the old town and new city in Jeddah are considered one of many breathtaking tourist destinations in the Middle East.

Umluj is a beach-enthusiast paradise

If you like the idea of Maldives and that unique azure color of water with white sandy beaches, Umluj is a place that will take your breath away. This coastal town and region are called the Maldives of Saudi Arabia, and it is not surprising at all. 104 atolls are scattered across the Red Sea. Some of the favorite activities in Umluj are spotting dolphins, snorkeling, fishing, or just enjoying the white sand. There are more than 1,200 fish species and 300 types of corals, so for divers, this is heaven. You will be able to find affordable and sustainable resorts on most of the islands. We suggest you escape the city and enjoy places like this one; you won’t regret it!

There are some tourist destinations in the Middle East you will remember forever

Not only do some destinations take your breath away, but they also stay in your mind forever. And one of these views you can experience in Riyadh. West of this capital, there is a place called Jebel Fihrayn, which translates to the Edge of the World. This is a geological wonder people across the entire world come to see. This is a towering wall of striated sandstone, and it rises improbably from the reddish plain where the ancient ocean used to be. Sunsets here really are breathtaking. You can reach it in multiple ways, but the best one is with a car. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of camels in a specific area because that seems to be their favorite spot as well. You better hurry up and get advice from reliable movers like Four Winds KSA if the area feels like one you might want to settle in.

The Edge of the World in Saudi Arabia.

Protect yourself from winds; they are quite sandy.

While being in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, make sure to explore Diriyah

Located just a little bit outside Riyadh, you can find the ancient desert city of Diriyah. This place is breathtaking, mainly because it is wrapped in the green oasis of Wadi Hanifa. It was a hotbed of culture and a historic crossroads for traders and pilgrims throughout the centuries. Today you can find lots of museums there, and the spectacular Salwa Palace. Architecture lovers will fall in love with this whole place. There are also restaurants and coffee shops, meaning you can spend your entire day here. And there is a nod to tradition with Najdi places such as gereesh bil laban that you must try. Improve your outdoor travel experience by eating and trying local food, drinks, and habits.

Rijal Almaa is another place you can’t miss

Rijal Almaa is a place that is called Gingerbread Village because of its look. You will see a village with blocky stone buildings with bright shutters and a verdant setting. This destination has been a favorite among many tourists, not just for the village but because it is the home of the Qahtan tribe, which is famous for its bright outfits and floral crowns.