We found so many amazing wellness retreats on the East Coast but we had to narrow the list down to only six. That's why we chose the six ones we liked the most. Get a fresh new perspective at one of these East Coast wellness resorts, ranging from a wild and untamed spa in Maine to next-generation health in Miami.

The east coast of the United States is where you'll find America's concrete jungles and huge urban centers. However, the area is home to quaint communities known for their luxurious spas, where you may reset your entire physical system. There is a wellness-oriented program for every size, location, and ideology, from quick kickstarts to healthier habits and daily kneadings to self-discovery and personal progress.

#1 South Carolina - Hilton Head Health

Hilton Head Health (H3), albeit it is a weight-loss facility, prioritizes long-term health and wellness with individualized workout and diet programs and restorative spa days. The all-inclusive resort on South Carolina's picturesque Hilton Head Island is THE destination for long-lasting transformation. A wellness retreat in this region offers more than just a chance to get some exercise and nutritious food. The challenge is to learn to maintain your new healthy habits once you've returned to your daily routine.

The Hilton Hotel

#2 Florida - Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

The term "spa-ing" has a completely new meaning here. This luxurious all-suite hotel will take your breath away. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is in the highly sought-after North Beach area. This is a top-tier wellness destination on par with any East Coast resort. Guests can enjoy genuine and specialized methods of health and total wellness, which are showcased at the hotel. Given that this resort is dedicated to health and relaxation, the spa is its most prominent feature. Get one-of-a-kind massage therapies and specialty spa treatments that use the healing properties of aromatherapy and heated crystal quartz. Experience the unique igloo in Miami, Florida. Also, you can book an IV therapy if you are more free-spirited - a chakra balancing session, swimming in a sensory deprivation tank, or even getting energized with a Tibetan bowl ritual.

In this context, "touchless wellness" refers to state-of-the-art methods that have numerous positive effects on one's health, including accelerated healing, reduced stress, and improved sleep quality. Check out the first-ever tech-enabled meditation pod or relax with some deep red light therapy in a prism light pod.

#3 Washington DC - The Spa at Four Seasons

Each of the eight treatment rooms at the Wellness resort at Four Seasons in Washington, DC has its own personal steam shower and whirlpool, allowing you to completely unwind in the privacy of your own home. After a long day of sightseeing in the nation's capital, relax and rejuvenate with a popular treatment like the Rock Creek Forest Massage, Jet Lag Massage, or the Codage Premium Age-Defying Facial Treatment. If you are thinking about moving to one of these states to be near some of the best spas and wellness resorts you should do some research and maybe even ask for some advice. Beltway Movers might be able to help you with that.

Washington DC

#4 Massachusetts - Mirbeau Inn & Spa Plymouth

This luxury spa resort in Massachusetts is reminiscent of a French chateau. The external architecture, interior decor, and landscape design all conjure images of a country estate in the suburbs of Paris. Tourists keep coming back to France because the country has such a classic atmosphere.

Their high-end spa goes above and beyond in terms of pampering and offers a variety of wellness-focused treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready for a fresh start. Relax by the fire in the treatment area, soak in the outdoor whirlpool, or retreat to the resting area for some peaceful time before or after your service. Massachusetts is actually an amazing place to live right now. Especially for seniors. Florida is not the only option. Nowadays Florida is more for investors.

#5 Washington - The Petite Spa at The Jefferson

This is a tranquil and enlightening oasis for hotel guests. Alluring facials, massages, and body treatments are tailored to each guest and include herbs and botanicals from Monticello's gardens. Nail care routines and soothing beverages round out the spa experience. Among the spa's most popular services are the Vinotherapy Massage, Couture Massage, and the Monticello Garden Facial. In the state's capital, you can find the most amazing spa resorts. It might be amazing to live here as well. This city has a lot to offer. If you decide to move to be near some of the world's best wellness retreats make sure to find the best local movers to help you with settling in. Experts can take care of that and you can start exploring much faster.

cherry blossoms

#6 Maine - Cliff House Maine

This place is located about an hour's ride north of Boston. Cliff House Maine is a vast oasis of peaceful luxury without pretension located atop spectacular cliffs looking right at the Atlantic Ocean. You can rest assured that you will have a wonderful time here. Their seaside haven is also the perfect spot to replenish your batteries. The spa draws inspiration from the transforming interplay of water, rock, sky, and sand, all hallmarks of Maine's rugged coast, and the "wild and free" spirit of its design.

Take advantage of the salt of the sea therapy series, which features different techniques every few months. The use of warm, human-made salt stones and some essential oil mixes can help you get in tune with nature. They do it by stimulating your body's energy channels. All you can see is the ocean as far as the eye can see. The wellness center's state-of-the-art cardio and strengthening exercise equipment will help you to get in shape. You can also attend group and individual fitness programs, and personal training.